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Janice and Gerald

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In 2007 we sold the houses, cars, furniture, and most of the “stuff” that accumulates. We lived in our smaller, older, motorhome and enjoy traveling slowly and living lightly, simply, and deeply.  In October 2008 we bought a small forested acreage on Quadra Island. Without any outside help – we built our home.  Well, we’re still building our home.  We took the summer of 2012 to develop a 6000 sq.ft. garden, and goat pen to house our newest additions. Our first herd of two goats blossomed.  We have had 70 deliveries over the subsequent years.  We added chickens, geese and ducks to the heartbeats on our farm.  We’re enjoying making cheeses with the abundance of milk.  We mentor the many farms who have embraced the concept of having backyard dairy.  We’ve found our niche, and love the island lifestyle. We go to bed each night, exhausted, and with a great sense of accomplishment.

What Quadra Island Means to Me

Home and Community.