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I’m one of the many Ontarians that came for a vacation and never went home! That was now 15years ago. I’ve since volunteered my way into the community while acquiring some great jobs I never even knew were jobs..(no one in Ontario tells you you can be an oyster farmer or a Wharfinger when you grow up)  I now live downtown Quathiaski Cove with Luke and Monk and Gus. It’s a top notch crew!

What Quadra Island Means to Me

Quadra showed me that I wasn’t crazy… (ish) but where I lived and what the folks around me prioritized was crazy… or just wasn’t for me. When I first came to Quadra, the thing I liked most was that it didn’t matter what age or ‘group’ you were with, if you got along somewhat and wanted to chat, a conversation and perhaps even a friendship could quickly follow. My second favourite part about Quadra is that even the folks you don’t like all that much, you want them to do well, and you you feel for them. It’s a great place to live and a wonderful place to grow children!