Reply To: Anybody interested in workshops related to wild edibles?

  • Sandra

    June 29, 2022 at 1:48 am

    I’ve added them to my list, thanks very much Ann 🙂 We’ve now got 15 people. I will cut it off at 20, if we get there, to keep things manageable.

    For all who are interested in this workshop, please note that you will need the following:

    • camera (I would suggest a dedicated point & shoot, rather than the camera on your cell phone, to minimize distractions)

    • notebook

    • pen

    • lunch / drinks / snacks (personal only)

    I will be supplying a ‘recommended foraging equipment’ list, a ‘recommended reading’ list, a ‘recommended websites’ list, a ‘recommended YouTube channels’ list, along with other printables for specific plants included in the workshop.

    I appreciate everyone’s patience, thank you. I am working on putting this together between my work schedule, gardening etc, so doing my best to get this happening ASAP ❤