Some Groups Switching to Stand-Alone Forums

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Conversion of Certain Groups to Forums

In the interest of greater long term utility of our site, we will be converting certain Groups to Forums. Unfortunately, posts made to the affected Groups up to this point will be lost. We want to make this change now before the site gets any busier. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve the user experience here. The affected Groups are:

  • Buy, Sell and Barter
  • Housing
  • Ride Share
  • Family Connections and Home Schooling


There are so many dimensions to food – especially in our community where there is such broad interest in self-sufficiency. We have “relaunched” the Food Independence Group under the general heading of Food. To start off, under the general umbrella of “Food” we have added discussion Forums on:

  • Food Independence
  • Recipes Tried and True
  • Sourdough

I’m sure this is just the start so please reach out to me with any Forum you want to create under this broad and popular subject.

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