Why You May Want a Subforum

Seashore with mountains on the horizon

As you get more familiar with discussion Forums on Quadra Life, you may come across situations where it makes sense to create a subforum.

You can think of a subforum as a “child” to the main Forum. For example, we have an Outdoors Forum. If we’re seeing an overwhelmingly large amount of discussion on the Outdoor Forum related to Hiking – to the point where other discussion topics are getting “buried” – it would make sense to create a subforum under Outdoors dedicated to Hiking.

If you want to have a subforum created, just contact me with the name of the subforum along with the “Parent” Forum the subforum will belong to.

Forums Are Really Useful

Forums are great for threaded discussions. You also have the option to subscribe to a Forum, giving you the ability to receive email updates when someone has added to the discussion.

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